How it works

Learn how to combine the reliability of bank deposits with the profitability of exchange instruments and make a profit.

E-XUN structural product is your opportunity to save and increase your capital. By dividing investments into two parts, Deposit and Investment, our customers reduce the risk of loss, but not the profitability of the product.

The investor’s profit consists of the income from both parts of the invested capital. And even if the Investment part does not live up to expectations, the interest on the Deposit part covers all expenses. The major part of investor’s profit is made up from the Investment Part.

Structured Product Operation

Deposit part
It is formed by placing funds in bank deposits or bonds.
These are financial instruments that:
  • Guarantee a full refund after the investment period
  • Provide a fixed profit
  • Insure from losses
Investment part
It is formed by trading in the financial markets with the main cryptocurrencies of the world.
These are financial instruments that:
  • Allow you to receive unlimited income
  • Not fixed to real exchange rates
  • Do not require special maintenance (electronic wallet, etc.)

Structured Product Scheme

Structured Product Example

Investment Amount: $10 000

Investment period: 12 months

With the help of financial experts from E-XUN an investor creates a Structural Product.

Investor capital is divided into two parts: 90% of investments are in the Deposit part, 10% - in the Investment.

Upon the expiration of the investment period, the investor is guaranteed to receive $ 9,000 back as well as up to 33% of the profit from placing the Deposit part in Hang Seng Bank or buying bonds

The remaining $ 1,000 is invested in cryptocurrencies with a projected return of 400%

With the successful placement of funds, the yield of the Structural Product can be up to 70% per annum!

Profitability calculator

$2,040.03 Invest