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About E-XUN Asia

  • Industry Leader

    E-XUN Asia is a leading bullion trading provider to retail and institutional customers. Established in Hong Kong, E-XUN Asia Company Limited focuses entirely on OTC Gold/Silver Bullion business.


    Trade on award-winning Trading terminal Meta Trader 4 and take advantage of mobile and web platforms, one-click order execution and trading from real-time charts. However, the heart of our business is our flexible execution type. Our large network of liquidity providers, including global banks, financial institutions, prime brokers and other market makers, allows us to offer competitive spreads and thunder speed execution with very tight latency on major products. Serious traders expect orders to be filled quickly, at the best price available, and nothing less. This is what we deliver.

    One of the advantages of our fair execution model that we make money on a per trade basis, so we benefit from profit driven traders. Therefore, we focus heavily on providing educational services to help you become a top traders. Through our regular ‘Real tips’ column, we offer the REAL TIPS that you purely need to follow and enjoy the continuous profit trades; moreover our analyst team also provide free news and market research, on-demand educational videos, and ongoing trading support by the course instructors.

  • Fund safety

    The security of your funds is our top priority. All retail client funds are housed in the two of safest Banks in the World, they are Hang Seng Bank and HSBC Bank, Hong Kong. In addition, we commit to full transparency so you understand our financial strength.

  • Hong Kong as a world financial Hub

    In this regard, Hong Kong has a strong, efficient and transparent legal and judicial framework, based on common English law, which presents a favorable regulatory and business environment with a high degree of banking confidentiality. It also has a favorable tax regime, with no tax on foreign-sourced income remitted to Hong Kong, no capital gains tax, no withholding tax in dividends and no interest and inheritance tax or VAT. As a major international financial centre, Hong Kong has an integrated network of institutions and markets, providing a wide range of financial products and services with a high degree of liquidity to local and international investors. Hong Kong was ranked first among 60 leading financial systems and capital markets in the world in the World Economic Forum’s Financial Development Report 2011. It was the first time an Asian financial centre had received such an honor. Moreover, according to the Global Financial Centers Index 10 released in September 2011, Hong Kong was recognized as the top financial centre in Asia, and came third among 75 major financial centres globally, after London and New York.