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Trading precious metals is a reliable way to preserve and increase your capital in a period of economic instability. This is an alternative for currency trading, but less risky.

Why precious metals?
  • GOLD
    Gold is an ultimate tool for diversifying portfolios and protecting wealth from today’s financial reality. Gold has the special characteristics and has been regarded as a unique investment tool for a long time. Due to the historical status of gold standard in the monetary system for the last century, gold has played the role of an inflation hedge and safe haven when the market confidence turns weaker.
    Silver has many industrial uses, accounting for more than half of annual demand worldwide over the last five years.
    Platinum (XPTUSD) is a precious metal which is as valuable as gold (XAUUSD). Gold is rare in the earth’s crust, whilst Platinum is produced in much smaller quantities and its major uses are found as a catalyst in cars and as jewellery.
    Palladium (XPDUSD) is a similar metal to platinum in appearance and function, and it is often used as a replacement for the more expensive metal in jewellery and industrial uses. Palladium is produced almost entirely in Russia and South Africa.
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Enhance your profitability with E-XUN - your reliable and solid trading partner with unbeatable trading terms, including best-of-market spreads, high rebate schemes, advanced monitoring and reporting tools that will allow you best to capitalize the opportunities available in the Forex market without counterparty risk.

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E-XUN Asia is a leading bullion trading provider to retail and institutional customers. Established in Hong Kong, E-XUN Asia Company Limited focuses entirely on OTC Gold/Silver Bullion business.

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